Approaches for Staying Safe on Craigslist ads

When it comes to staying safe on Craigslist, there are a variety of safety measures you can take to patrol your defense. You should never provide a stranger the phone number, house address, or perhaps other personal information. Instead, meet in a public place. If you feel uncomfortable, ask a reliable family member or friend to join you.

Among the most common scams are money purchase scams and shipping scams. You should also be skeptical of retailers who make use of wire transfers, which can provide a fraudulent way for your money.

The easiest way to avoid getting scammed should be to meet in person. This is especially important when you are buying something from somebody you don’t find out. A good meeting site may be a shopping mall, authorities station, or maybe a busy general public place.

Another safety measure is to carry pepper spray. When this doesn’t protect you from a crime, it will help deter a would-be attacker. Also, a burner iphone app can provide a temporary untraceable phone number.

A further useful tip is to use an anonymous email account. These kinds of provide an added layer of security and can even keep your email out of the hands of the other get together.

To boost your safety in Craigslist, talk with a buddy. This friend can bring you home if necessary and also ensure your safety during the transaction.

A second useful suggestion is to use a secure on line payment technique. There are a number of options, which includes PayPal and Venmo.


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