Relationship Traditions in Tajikistan

Traditionally, Tajik marriages take place with the help of traditional persuits. In recent times, these kinds of customs include undergone extraordinary changes. The marriage procedure in Tajikistan includes a proposal, courtship, and finally, relationship.

The wedding service begins considering the parents with the bride and groom approaching at the same time to get to know the other. The bride and groom after that prepare for the wedding ceremony ceremony within their own homes. The marriage ceremony usually lasts three days.

For the first 3 times of the marriage, the bride must cover her confront. The bride wears a red and white handkerchief. This handkerchief is a symbol of pleasure. The wedding ceremony is a special occasion in Tajikistan.

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The groom’s family members usually signifies gifts to the bride’s family. That is done to celebrate the marriage and welcome the new family members. They also pass out cups of flour. This marriage ceremony is accompanied by prayers.

For the first 3 days of the marriage, the bride and groom are given. They must consume meat, sodium, and dessert. The women with young children happen to be fed last. The newlyweds then help to make a determination before the vorbeter.

The marriage ceremony is followed by a banquet. Everyone receive gifts from the groom’s relationship with korean woman as well as offer dating an tajikistan woman gifts for the bride’s family members. The marriage celebration is usually a large event. The bride and groom are designed and use traditional clothing.

Wedding process in Tajikistan involves a wide range of traditions and persuits. These traditions represent the distinct popular features of the Tajik ethnic group.


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